Sunday, 23 September 2012

bruce lee : progress + final



+ 1.5 hrs

to be honest i'm not enjoying school right now. i thought after first year we could finally start designing our things but right now we're still focusing on a lot of fundamentals and technicalities. 

regardless, i'm enjoying this assignment. i'd like to work more on it more but other classes require my attention :c

[another update] 29/09/2012
i'm pretty content with how this turned out. the skin looks a little fake and too smooth and there are a bunch of other little things that i need to go over but if i keep working on this i'll fall behind on my other homework qq

[final final]
okay srsly, here's the final as in what i pretty much handed in. made a few fixes to the previous image then handed it in. only difference is that i sharpened the image and adjusted the levels slightly for the blog :P

Sunday, 16 September 2012

red pandadada

Animal with fur assignment did for Digital Painting class. Definitely could use a bit more work but I'm too pressed for time :c
~5 hours PS5