Saturday, 6 October 2012

mako [edit]

this character design assignment is so frustrating !

i wanted to design it for gaming but i didnt want it too look to animu or too realistic and badass.. but i guess my inner weeaboo couldnt help it.

it also originally looked just like sokka, and then it looked just like me.. and then i chose the name mako and realized that that's the name of the bro from legend of korra. :/

also while making up his backstory i realized.. that i just ended up retelling naruto. *SIGH

oh well, i'm having a lot of fun with this assignment but i guess i always do when i get to design and create something of my very own. :> i'm just scared i'm gonna fuck up the sculpture cause that's what i do.

i think his head is too big

had to clean it up. here is the updated version (untemplated):

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